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Fairplay League tables for the 2013/2014 season so far : -

U12 | U13 | U14 | U15 | U16

These were published on 21st December 2013 so that teams can see how well their players, supporters and managers were doing in comparison with other teams. Full season tables will be published at the end of the season.

How to submit Fairplay scores

Fairplay submissions for games played in January February and March 2014 are being accepted up to 15th April. Submissions for games played in September to December 2013 are now closed, but those that were submitted will count towards trhe end of season tables. Submit Fairplay scores by clicking here. To submit scores for your team you will need to register for an account if you don't have one already.

Since this season, Club Secretaries have been able to change the teams which club members' accounts are linked to for Fairplay reporting purposes. This has been especially useul in larger clubs with several teams in the same age group as parents move from one team to another.


The aim is to give young players, managers and parents/supporters a goal to aim for during the season. The ethos behind the scheme is to encourage fair play throughout the age groups. Encouraging young sports people to behave in a sportsman like manner and play fairly is a step towards these players growing in maturity and showing good sportsmanship in the future. The increased pressures of the professional game do not always set the best examples, and we need to show, through the Fairplay League, how the game should be played and what behaviour is expected.

At the end of the season after all results have been tabulated, the winners of each age group will receive a certificate honouring their achievement.

Non-submission of Fairplay reports

Unreported games eventually lead to your club appearing low down the FairPlay tables. For a brief reminder of how your team and opponent is scored if you you have not submitted a fairplay report : -

  • 80 points will be given to your team if you scored an opposing team and they did not score you.
  • 50 points will be awarded to your team if you and your opponent team both did not score each other.

Previous seasons

2012/2013 season Fairplay tables

2011/2012 season Fairplay award ceremony and photos : -

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