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Affiliation to the League 2019/2020


By 31st May 2019 you must compete affiliating teams online and send payment through the post accompanied by a printed Agreement form that has been signed in ink.

Improvements to the Affiliation process

  1. Affiliation is now online. Team Manager contact detail, venues, playing colours, County Affiliation number can be added after the main affiliation if information is not to hand.
  2. A club can now have multiple teams in the same age group as long as they have different team names. Clubs with multiple teams in the same age groups no longer have to affiliate additional clubs with the county FA.
  3. Clubs now have the option of listing a Fixtures Official for co-ordinating their fixtures, instead of team managers. The Fixtures Official can either be club level (ie coordinating fixtures for the whole club), or team level (ie coordinating fixtures just for their team).
  4. The Agreement form requires only two club officials to sign.

Who can Affiliate?

Clubs that are members of the League

After signing in look for the "Affiliation" link in the navigation on the left hand side.
  • Club Secretaries that have an existing online account that they use for submitting Fairplay reports, and registered with the same email address as appears in the League directory can start affiliating for next season straight away.
  • Club Secretaries that have an existing online account that they use for submitting Fairplay reports, but registered with the an email address that is different to the address that appears in the League directory will need to contact the League to have their account upgraded so that they can start affiliating for next season.
  • Club Secretaries that do not have an existing online account should apply for one here. Please note that it can take a couple of days for a registration to go through.
  • Note that online account holders who are not Club Secretaries cannot affilliate for their club.

Clubs that are not members of the League

Clubs that are new to the league for next season can enquire here to get an account that will allow them to Affiliate.

How to affiliate

  1. Sign in.
  2. In the top left navigation area, coloured light blue, click "Affiliate".
  3. To Affiliate a team for next season :
    1. Add a new team. Look at "My Teams" near the bottom of the page. Either:
      1. click "Add New Team" adjacent to the green button. Select the age group for the team, or,
      2. promote a team that is shown in this season's team list by clicking the "+1 Year" link. In this case the age group is automatically set for next season's team.
    2. In both cases, you can change the team name for next season. If you are going to have multiple teams in the same age group be sure to change the name to something different, because if you promote a team later with an identical name it will overwrite your first team.
    3. If you have Team Manager detail to hand please provide it, but you can come back at a later date to do this if you want to.
    4. Tick the Charity Cup / Memorial Cup tick box if your team wants to play in that competition next season.
    5. Click "Save" button to save.
    6. To review your new information, you can, click "Affiliate" in the top left navigation area, coloured light blue. Your new team should show up in the team list at the bottom of the page in "My Teams" list.
  4. Repeat this process for each age group until you have the right number of teams set up for next season
  5. Please supply the contact details for club officials. Note the Club level Fixture Official contact is optional.
  6. When you have provided as much information as you can, look in the top left navigation area, coloured light blue, click "Statement". You will then see what teams from your club are applying to play next season, together with the appropriate fees that are due. Follow the instructions at the bottom of that page to complete the Affiliation and post in the Agreement form, signed in ink by the Club Secretary and Chairman, with your Club cheque.
  7. When you get the county FA affiliation number for season 2019/2020, please supply it in the box at the top of the "Affiliation" page.

Tips and help

You will need to have JavaScript enabled and accept cookies from www.football-results.org for the system to function so you can make your affiliation.

Phone Numbers

Phone contact detail will only save if you put in 11 digit phone numbers. From the end of April there have been error messages to say this, as it wasn't previously very obvious and some Secretaries reported losing phone numbers as a result.

'\r\n' in address fields

Sometimes you see '\r\n' in address fields. This just means the a new line key was pressed in the middle of entering an address. Its not a great concern anyway, though we suggest using commas instead of pressing the return key.

+1 Year

If +1 Year isn't present then the New Team facility is a working alternative.

The +1 Year option should be present whenever this season's team hasn't already been set up with the same team name, in the 2019-2020 season, in the next age group up.

Fixture officials

are optional and can be set up at club level or team level. The order that an opposing team will make contact is : -

  1. Club level fixture official
  2. Team level fixture official
  3. Team Manager

Club Officials

Your Club Secretary, Club Treasurer and Club Chairman must be three separate people.